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"Although I have always been active, my training at The Absolute Studio has given me strength and balance that I did not even realize I was missing.  As we get older, maintaining good balance is essential, and the core excersie has helped elleviate back pain.  The trainers are all professional and tuned in to each client's needs, and they make tough workouts fun.  I recommend The Absolute Studio for any fitness level."   - Mitzi


"I started pilates training many years ago at another gym and a freind told me about The Absolute Studio, I attended my first session 4 years ago wondering how different it could be from the other places I had trained.  I was amazed at the difference in training technique and the attention to my specific needs!   I am totally addicted to pilates and the benefits  of core strength, improved posture and overall upper body strength!   The Absolute Studio staff are committed to ensuring clients maintain proper technique and achieve results."  - Jennifer


"I love Absolute Studio! It has made such a difference in my quality of life. I have so many issues and challenges and Christie Hill and Michelle have changed my life! I am stronger and practically pain free since I have started working with them. My chiropractor said I have actually improved over the past couple of months! This is huge! I have severe scoliosis (a 65 degree Cobb curve, degenerative disc disease, leg length difference, etc....) Pilates has helped me live a more productive and happier life! Thanks Absolute Studio, you all are the best!"-Terry Day


The Absolute Studio has been part of my life for over four years now.  I have tried many forms of exercise throughout the years and came across Pilates before moving to NC.  I love the way it elongates my muscles, instead of getting bulkier which is what I tend to do.  I was so excited after I moved here to run across Absolute Studio and called right away.  I use Pilates in my daily life as well, I feel I walk taller and am aware of my core with whatever I do, walk, drive and other forms of exercising.  Mentally and Physically I don’t know what I would do without Absolute Studio in my life.-Jayne Meissell


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