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Challenge yourself to explore a whole new world, and release your inhibitions!  Bellydance classes are taught by Christie Hill.  Look Familiar? Yes, she is also one of our Pilates professionals, which explains her attention to detail, posture, safety, and proper muscle control.


Christie began toying with Bellydance as a hobby in 1995, but her love of the dance has continued to grow into a lifelong passion.   Although she has studied in ATS, Tribal, Egyptian, and Turkish dance, she has chosen to focus her continuing education with the legendary Suhaila Salimpour School of Bellydance in 2009. 

Christie is now certified Suhaila Level 1, Suhaila, Level 2, Jamila Level 1, and is currently studying Jamila Level 2 and Suhaila Level 3 for future testing. 


 When asked what "style" she teaches, she would simply say,

"I teach technique, proper posture, muscle control, and basic movements of bellydance that are shared with many styles...each student will naturally gravitate  towards a particular style, but my goal is to teach the  proper technique universal to movements so that dancers have both the freedom and knowledge to dance any style"


In 2008, Christie formed her student troupe, Hypnotic (pictured left). The group consists of truly passionate, diverse students who are committed to share this beautiful artform with their community!  Hypnotic can be seen performing at local and regional events such as Pirate Fest, International Festivals, Shimmy for a Cause,  and The Down East Bellydance & Drum Festival. 

Christie was recently selected to perform in Bellydance Evolution's Wizard of Oz to be held in New Bern this June. 




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