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Private & Semi-Private Sessions

What is a Reformer, and what makes it so special?  Well, it is not named a Reformer for nothing.  It truly "reforms" your body, and the way you move.

The equipment has a sliding carriage that moves back and forth, and a spring resistance system to provide either resistance, or assistance depending on your needs. Since the reformer is a non-impact way to strengthen your body, we can assist clients that may not be able to engage in traditional training methods, whether due to age, injury, or just as a newcomer to fitness. On the other hand, the Reformer can add resistance to those who are already proficient in pilates and increase performance and strength in even the most avid athletes.

Traditional methods of training and developing the body tend to produce short, bulky muscles, precisely the type of musculature most prone to injury.  Pilates elongates the spine, increasing the elasticity of muscles and flexibility of joints.  This balance between strength and flexibility drastically reduces the potential for injury.  It's no wonder that professional athletes, dancers, and golfers alike have relied on Pilates to enhance their performance.

You can attend private sessions or semi-private sessions for one hour or one-half hour.  A Semi-Private is a group of 2-3 people training together.  

Equipment-Based Pilates

In addition to Reformer sessions, we personalize your training by incorporating other Pilates equipment into sessions, including EXO® Chair, Cadillac, MOTR   , Barre, CORE SUSPEND    and more.  




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We currently offer Mat Pilates classes. This is the most foundational form of pilates, aimed at improving flexibility and muscle tone. Mat-based Pilates is a low-impact, yet serious strength workout that can help strengthen muscles, reduce body fat, and improve flexibility. 

Throughout the year we offer a number of different classes, click on the link below to learn more about available classes. 

Learn more about some of our equipment:



Build strength without the use of weights with CORE SUSPEND     -  from the Core Systems of Smart Movement®.  

MOTR™ combines the comfort of a foam roller with the challenge of three weight level resistances, giving you a challenging and incredibly diverse workout tool. 

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