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New Studio Policies as we re-open June 10, 2020

First we want to thank all of our online clients for helping us keep our business "open" during this unprecedented time. Your understanding, generosity, and trust in our knowledge has been the silver lining to all of us at The Absolute Studio! We will never forget your loyalty to the studio and your personal Pilates practice! 


In Accordance with the NC Attorney General's letter of June 5th, 2020, The Absolute Studio will be re-opening to provide accommodations for those who need to exercise as directed by their medical professional.

We have given careful consideration to these guidelines and feel that this is the safest plan that we can put into place. Please be patient with the changes as we navigate the new challenge of juggling online clients and in person training. 




Scheduling appointments: Our way of doing business has changed immensely and in keeping BOTH online sessions and LIVE sessions available, our schedules will not be exactly as they used to be. 

As you request appointment times in our system, pay close attention to your confirmation times. To maintain social distancing, we may have odd start times in place. For example, If we already have an 8:30 client, and you request a 9:00 appointment, we may need to confirm that time for 9:10 or 9:15 to allow us plenty of time to keep the standards in place that you will find listed below. Appointments will run smoothly if you are on time to your appointments, and you are able to leave your appointment on time. 


Limiting Clients in the Studio: During our initial re-open, we will be limiting our training to PRIVATE SESSIONS ONLY. If you have already paid for semi-private sessions, your trainer will be contacting you with details about your options to convert to private sessions. 

For those who are not yet comfortable returning to the studio, we will continue to offer private sessions and classes online. 



Paying for services: We are asking clients to purchase sessions online to reduce exposure through face to face payment methods. 

If you are unable to purchase sessions through our online system, we certainly understand and will take additional precautions at checkout. 




Social Distancing: We will ask that clients remain in their car until the appointment time. Text your trainer when you have arrived in the parking lot. You will enter in the same door as always, but will be exiting from the door on the other side. All of the equipment has been placed more than 6 feet apart. 


Temperature checks: Please check your temperature each day before your appointment. All of your trainers will check their temperature each morning with a touch less infrared thermometer. We encourage you to check your temperature at home or use the sanitized thermometer available at the studio to log your temperature. 


New Liability waiver: You will be asked to sign a new waiver that addresses important questions relating to Covid-19. Please read carefully and sign. 


HAND-WASHING: Since CDC guidelines suggest that hand washing is much more effective than using hand sanitizer, we are asking clients upon entering the studio, to wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds before your session. (feel free to do so after your session, as well) Your trainers will be washing their hands before and after every client, as well. 


Use personal protective equipment and practices. Your trainers will be wearing masks at all times. We would ask our clients to wear masks, as well. 

If you do not have a mask, we have some for available for purchase or we have a limited supply of disposable masks available. 


We have purchased brand new loops for the reformers that will be easier to clean. They are covered in vinyl rather than cloth so that we can maintain the absolutely highest standard of cleanliness. If you would like to purchase your own personal soft covered loops, we have a few pair available for purchase. 


Disinfection:  Every part of the reformer will be thoroughly wiped down and sanitized between clients, based on guidelines from the CDC and from our equipment experts. This is why we will need to space out our appointment times, and have adjusted our schedules accordingly. 


Administration: Any trainers who are sick will be staying home. All trainers have reviewed the re-opening protocol and agreed to adhere to these guidelines. 


Cancellation protocols: If you have ANY Symptoms of Coronavirus or any other illness please cancel your session or if you feel well enough to do an online session, we can transfer your session from a live session to an online session. We will not train anyone in person with these symptoms.  Symptoms of Coronavirus include: respiratory issues, cough, fever, shortness of breath, and other breathing difficulties. If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms or are not feeling 100%, we ask that you please stay home and resume your studio practice when you are well. If you need to cancel class late, please do so online, send us a text or an email. No Show's will still be charged for a session.


If you have been traveling, please be aware of those who are going to be in close contact with the elderly, or children and use caution when making decisions about whether to come to a session immediately upon your return. We would ask you to self-quarantine in any questionable circumstances for at least 2 weeks. 

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